Energy-efficient Operation of GSM-connected Infrared Rodent Sensor

Gábor Paller, Gábor Élő


Camera sensors have been deployed in the agriculture for various use cases. Most of the applications tried to infer the health and development of the plants based on image data in different wavelength domains. In this paper, we present our research of rodent population estimation with infrared camera sensors. The usual camera sensor applications in the agricultural domain are quite simple from the sensor architecture point of view as the environment rarely changes. Image capture/transmission at preconfigured moments is usually enough. Rodents move quickly so the sensor must be able to capture images with low capture time interval. As the data link to the server backend is relatively slow, this fast capture rate may require image processing capability in the sensor. The paper analyzes the effects of such an image processing capability, in particular the power consumption trade-offs. Inadequate power management support of the selected embedded Linux platforms is identified as a problem and proposals are made for improvement.


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