Reconfigurable Priority Ceiling Protocol - Under Rate Monotonic Based Real-time Scheduling

Maroua Gasmi, Olfa Mosbahi, Mohamed Khalgui, Luis Gomes


This research paper deals with reconfigurable real-time systems to be adapted to their environment under user requirements. A reconfiguration scenario is a run-time software operation that allows the addition, removal and update of real-time OS tasks which can share resources and should meet corresponding deadlines. We propose a new Reconfigurable Priority Ceiling Protocol (denoted by RPCP) that avoids deadlocks after any reconfiguration scenario and changes the priorities of tasks in order to reduce their response and blocking times, and to meet their deadlines. This protocol requires the use of two virtual processors in order to guarantee the non-interruption of execution during the reconfiguration step. We develop a tool that encodes this protocol which is applied to a case study.


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