Security in Legacy Systems Migration to the Cloud: A Systematic Mapping Study

Luis Márquez Alcañiz, David G. Rosado, Daniel Mellado, Eduardo Fernández-Medina


While cloud computing emerges as a major trend in IT industry, early providers and adopters are paving the path with concerns and solutions. One of the most worrisome challenges that face the corporate clients of this new form of IT provision is how to maintain the security of their most important every day apps in the new environment, that is how to migrate securely their legacy systems that run on data centres fully controlled by the organization's IT department to a less clearly controlled infrastructure that is managed at least partly outside the scope of the clients premises and even completely off-shore. This paper presents a Systematic Mapping Study on the issue as the first step to analyze the different existing approaches in the literature about migration process to Cloud computing where taking into account the security aspects that have to be also moved to Cloud. We propose four research questions dealing with the existing strategies to migrate legacy, how they relate to common security issues as well as security issues specific to the cloud environment, and how the proposals are aligned with security standards.


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