Augusto E. Bernuy


The goal of the research is to design the concept and architecture for new collaborative e-business model in order to join knowledge management and intellectual capital under the approach of engineering systems. A collaborative system is designed as a part of new assets, called intellectual capital. We build a supply design to understand the collaboration among people, processes and systems inside a holistic approach. To do that the paper presents two models: the first model is the integration among intellectual capital, collaborative systems and e-business; and then the second model is designed to understand the behaviour of software agents. Processes are analyzed on their value, for example we need to know if the results of a process may be important for someone in order to resolve a specific problem. This concept will be used in one controlled environment and to do that we need some functions of the software agents to complete one specific process and evaluate some alternatives for the best solution. As a result we get the new process of a collaborative system, also we define the ability to collaborate and leverage the knowledge giving to software agents some decisions that we take in a real problem. After the process has been completed we have improve the design of collaborative e-business performance under the approach of intellectual capital and knowledge management.


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