Yuval (Jack) Sade, Atul Garg, Malgorzata Plaza


Audio Description (AD) is an effective tool which can enhance the comprehension of a TV show or a movie for visually impaired audiences. Unfortunately, the implementation of AD tends to be expensive and only a few companies adopt this practice. For example, only a handful of films are audio described for the visually impaired. This paper evaluates an Alternative Method, a new process model developed for a TV show production industry, in which AD is incorporated into the production process. The currently adopted practice or a Conventional Method requires sending an episode to a third party describer in order to add AD. According to the preliminary results of the analysis conducted in this paper, Alternative Method is slightly more efficient than a currently adopted practice but allows reducing the production time and yields a superior quality product. The contribution of this research is that it provides a way to improve efficiency and effectiveness of AD, which will increase the range of its implementation.


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