MAS-ML TOOL - A Modeling Environment for Multi-agent Systems

Enyo José Tavares Gonçalves, Kleinner Farias, Mariela I. Cortés, Allan Ribeiro Feijó, Francisco Robson Oliveira, Viviane Torres da Silva


Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) emerged as a promising approach for developing complex and distributed systems. However, tools that support development of MASs are essential for this approach is effectively exploited in industrial context. Therefore, there is a need for tools for the modeling of MAS, because create and manipulate models without support of an appropriate environment are tedious and error-prone tasks that demands time. This paper aims to satisfy this need by built a modeling environment domain specific to MAS, implemented as a plug-in for Eclipse platform. The environment is based on MAS-ML, a modeling language for MAS. This work focuses the implementation of tool to MAS-ML static diagrams, according version 2.0 of the language.


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