Meriem Benhaddi, Karim Baïna, El Hassan Abdelwahed


The Mashup - a new Web 2.0 technology - has emerged as a new way to promote and to enable the End User Development approach. In fact, as underlined by (Boris Büchel and al., 2009), the Mashup targets the inexperienced end-user, and allows him to develop his own applications. The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is enhanced and made user-centric via the Mashup that allows end users, without any technical skills or advanced knowledge on the SOA, to compose services. However, mixing services with Mashup provide fragile and non stable solutions; hence the need to convert the Mashup solution into BPEL to benefit from the ease of composition of Mashup and the strength and the security of the BPEL engine. In Model Driven Development, an essential idea is to automatically transform models from one modelling domain to another. In this paper we present a new approach based on the Model Driven Development paradigm to transform the SOA logic composition from a Mashup script into a BPEL script.


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