AUTOMATIC MULTI-PROJECTOR CALIBRATION - A Review of Systems for Non-experienced Users

Stefan Klose, Jérémie Gerhardt, Timo Engelke, Arjan Kuijper


Multi-projector systems are widely used in many application areas. Such systems are for instance employed to increase the brightness or the resolution of projected images. Intrinsic to multi-projector systems are problems like geometric misalignment, especially when projecting onto complex arbitrarily formed projection surfaces, and photometric deviations. Therefore, several difficult calibration tasks (geometry, brightness, color) have to be performed. A high-quality and easy-to-use calibration process is the key to good usability for untrained or unexperienced users. Due to the fact that manual calibration is time-consuming and imprecise, automatic approaches were developed in recent years. This paper analyzes the most popular state-of-the-art algorithms and setups with respect to their advantages and disadvantages. We summarize the general working principles of calibration algorithms and provide an outlook into the fields in which the described algorithms are most useful.


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