Multisensory Analytics: Case of Visual-auditory Analysis of Scalar Fields

E. Malikova, V. Pilyugin, V. Adzhiev, G. Pasko, A. Pasko


A well-known definition of visualization is the mapping of initial data to a visual representation, which can be perceived and interpreted by humans. Human senses include not only vision, but also hearing, sense of touch, smell and others including their combinations. Visual analytics and its more general version that we call Multisensory Analytics are areas that consider visualization as one of its components. We present a particular case of the multisensory analytics with a hybrid visual-auditory representation of data to show how auditory display can be used in the context of data analysis. Some generalizations based on using real-valued vector functions for solving data analysis problems by means of multisensory analytics are proposed. These generalizations might be considered as a first step to formalization of the correspondence between the initial data and various sensory stimuli. An illustration of our approach with a case study of analysis of a scalar field using both visual and auditory data representations is given.


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