Characterisation of Clinical Practice Guideline Changes

Yamiko Joseph Msosa, C. Maria Keet, Melissa Densmore


Sub-Saharan Africa is facing a double crisis of high disease burden and shortage of healthcare resources. To cope with this challenge, many countries have adopted the practice of task-shifting with clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) as a key component. It is not unusual for CPGs to be revised or proved wrong, spurring frequent updates of state-mandated CPGs. This negatively affects maintainability of healthcare applications using those CPGs. Therefore, it is essential that the types of CPG changes are understood in order to develop clinical decision support systems that are maintainable through adequate support for CPGs. We take a bottomup approach to analyse successive sets of CPGs so as to elucidate and characterise types of CPG changes over time. The identified 10 type of changes in decisions, actions, and recommendations are exhaustive and affect fine-grained structural components of a CPG. We also determined their occurrences using Malawi’s HIV CPGs of 2008, 2011, and 2014 as case study. The results showed that the number of changes, as well as the type of changes that occur in successive versions, varies widely.


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