Towards a Self-Regulated Learning in a Lifelong Learning Perspective

Nour El Mawas, Jean-Marie Gilliot, Serge Garlatti, Patricia Serrano Alvarado, Hala Skaf-Molli, Jérôme Eneau, Genevieve Lameul, Jacques-Francois Marchandise, Hugues Pentecouteau


The professional development presents many difficulties related to speed of change and the explosion of knowledge that requires people to learn at many intervals throughout their lives. This study proposes a combined Self-Regulated Learning Process, functional and technical architectures in a Lifelong Learning perspective. The Self-Regulated Learning is carried out using Semantic Open Learner Models. We illustrate our process through some services examples. This work is dedicated to the Lifelong Learning active community and more specifically to researchers in Technology Enhanced Learning, pedagogical engineers, and learners who meets difficulties in integrating multidisciplinary expertise, technology and know-how throughout their life.


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