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Classical Dynamic Controllability Revisited

A Tighter Bound on the Classical Algorithm


Mikael Nilsson

- Linköping University, Sweden

Jonas Kvarnström

- Linköping University, Sweden

Patrick Doherty

- Linköping University, Sweden
Keywords Temporal Networks, Dynamic Controllability.
Abstract Simple Temporal Networks with Uncertainty (STNUs) allow the representation of temporal problems where some durations are uncontrollable (determined by nature), as is often the case for actions in planning. It is essential to verify that such networks are dynamically controllable (DC) – executable regardless of the outcomes of uncontrollable durations – and to convert them to an executable form. We use insights from incremental DC verification algorithms to re-analyze the original verification algorithm. This algorithm, thought to be pseudo-polynomial and subsumed by an O(n5) algorithm and later an O(n4) algorithm, is in fact O(n4) given a small modification. This makes the algorithm attractive once again, given its basis in a less complex and more intuitive theory. Finally, we discuss a change reducing the amount of work performed by the algorithm.